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When many families of the diocese of Kottayam migrated to Malabar, seeking better living conditions, the then bishop of the diocese, Mar Alexander Choolaparambil appointed Msgr. Cyriac Mattathil to guide them and the congregation was asked to assist them. Thus the first house was established in Malabar region at Madampam, Kannur district on 27th January 1945. In course of time many SVM houses were begun in different parts of Malabar. So that with the intention of co-ordinating these convents a new region was erected in Malabar in the year 1991. The residence of the first regional superior was in Malakkallu, Kasargod.  A New Regional House was build in Kannur and Blessed on 4th November 1996. It is situated at Pallikkunnu near Sreepuram school and Barumariam Pastoral centre in Kannur. 

Present Regional Superior

Sr.Kochurani SVM   2021-


Previous Regional superiors

 Sr. Honoria SVM   -    1991 -1994

 Sr. Anselm SVM   -   1994 -1997

 Sr. Philo SVM       -     1997 - 2000
 Sr. Silverius SVM     -    2000 - 2003
 Sr. Chantal SVM       -    2003 - 2009
 Sr. Anne Maria SVM -    2009- 2012
 Sr. Libia SVM -    2009- 2012