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First year Aspirants

Second Year Aspirants



                                                                                                       You have not chosen me,
                                                                                          But I have chosen you"(Jn: 15: 16)

Christ calls His disciples, forms them into a community and prepares them to be with him constantly and to continue His mission in the world even today (cf. Mk. 3: 14).  Religious formation is the process that helps one to become a disciple of Christ, gradually identify himself with the attitude of Christ (cf. Phil. 2:5) and grow into union with Him. The primary purpose of religious formation is to initiate the candidates into religious life, to prepare them to consecrate themselves totally to God and to enable the professed young religious to discover, assimilate and to deepen their religious identity.

The main objective of SVM formation is to make the candidates lead a life devoted to God and fellow human beings by practicing the qualities of gentleness and humility of the sacred heart of Jesus.

The life of self mortification and service is a life long process as it is the greatest repayment of the favors received from God.